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What's new in v3.1:

Add support for RecreateEmptyCache mode when convert online tiles to MBTiles. Use this mode when you want to continue the unfinished job or merge tiles of several levels or several extents.
Add support for Multi-Layer mode when configuring CustomOnlineMaps.xml.
Bug fix.


Project Description
Portable Basemap Server is an easy to use WPF application and has implemented map tile part of Esri’s “GeoServices REST Specification” and OGC WMTS specification, which wraps various kinds of data source to provide identical REST and WMTS basemap service, and then can be used by ArcGIS and third party APIs.

PBS datasource
Data Source Type
  • MobileAtlasCreator: Sqlite file from Mobile Atlas Creator.
  • MBTile: Sqlite file implement MBTile specification.
  • ArcGISCache: ArcGIS MapServer Cache files, support both exploded and compact storage format.
  • RasterDataset: Raster image file can be directly published by PBS, and served as DynamicTiledMapService. PBS reads raster files by using GDAL, see complete supported format. Support .ecw, .sid and gdal .vrt file format.
  • ArcGISDynamicService: PBS can convert ArcGIS Dynamic MapService to DynamicTiledMapService, which has a effect of ArcGISTiledMapService but support dynamic projection.
  • Online Maps: including Google Maps/Bing Maps Road and Imagery, OpenStreetMap, TianDiTu. Warning: these data source can only use for testing purpose, DO NOT use them for commercial purpose.
  • Set DataSourceType.
  • Set corresponding data source path. Online Maps don't need this setting.
  • Set a port number and a service name for your basemap service. Multiple service can be published on same port, and multiple port can be used.
  • Start your service by clicking "Start New Service".
  • Double click a service to preview it and its details in a new window.
  • Select a service and clicking "DeleteService" to delete a service.

PBS uses WCF REST technology and supports multiple client and concurrent requests.
For more information, please read this Chinese post.
Access and Use Constraints
Online Map resources can only be used for testing purpose, DO NOT use them commercially.
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